Digitization of Signing

We enhance and facilitate the electronic signing of all kind of documents that need to be signed.


Digitization of Closing

We enhance and digitize your KYC processes, your Closings and the handling of your Share Registers.


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Armada Lex

Armada offers simple, practical and secure dedicated tools that facilitate the work of your legal, financial or human resources teams and allow the emergence of contractual relationships with a high number of counterparties (signature of PoA in the context of initial public offerings, takeovers or offers reserved for employees, campaigns to sign commercial agreements, signature of employment contracts, signature of amendments to existing contracts, etc.).

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Time saved on your transactions


Reliability of your transactions


Paper pages saved to date

3 Modules to digitize your transactions

Armada is a new way to collect data, draft contracts and sign documents electronically in capital operations, commercial relationship management and human resources management.


In accordance with the EU Regulation and the best practices of lawyers we organize the identification of your signatories.

Each signatory receives an email inviting him/her to log in to his/her “signatory space”.

The signatory is invited to upload a copy of an identity document and a copy of his mobile phone bill (or, failing that, a declaration on honor relating to his telephone number) to the platform. He is also invited to fill out a form to collect his personal information. The data fields can be adapted according to the customer’s needs.

Individualization of Word documents

Armada’s clients can individualize legal documents by using the information provided by signatories via their personal spaces.

The follow-up of the signature of the documents by the signatories and the receipt of the signed documents in Pdf format is ensured on the same screen.

Advanced electronic signature

Each signatory receives an email inviting him to sign the documents made available to him.

In order to sign the documents, the signatory must follow the link inserted in the email sent to him, read the document presented to him, identify himself using a code sent by text message and finally sign electronically the document presented to him.